F2T Challenge – PFT

The F2T Program aims to support the on-going growth and development of everyone holding a Fitness-Performance Specialist (FPS), Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) or Wellness-Fitness Ambassador (WFA) certificate via courses, workshops and webinars, and a series of F2T Challenges.

Each F2T Challenge will involve the completion of a practical activity that relies on the specific skills associated with 1 of 10 roles that may be assumed by F2T Certificate holders (see list of Challenges categories below).

Completed F2T Challenges must be submitted as part of the renewal process. Peer Fitness Trainers are required to complete one F2T Challenge.


Step 1: Select “My Profile” at the top of the page, navigate to your dashboard and click “F2T Challenge Submission (2023 Renewal)” 
This will take you to the F2T Challenge Moodle course.

Step 2: Select the F2T Challenge you would like to complete
The F2T Challenge Moodle course contains the complete details (e.g., instructions, scope of work) for all of the 10 F2T Challenges available for you to choose from. Complete details for all ten F2T Challenge can also be found HERE, or by exploring the options below.

Step 3: Submit your F2T Challenge Work
The F2T Challenge Moodle course will contain links which you will use to upload your submission for the challenge you complete. Specific instructions on how to label your file will be provided in the course shell.


Written Communication and Knowledge Translation
Improve your writing skills by sharing ideas with the broader community.
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Marketing and Promoting to Inspire and Motivate
Improve your ability to engage by creating and sharing resources that prompt others to take action.
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Promotion of Teamwork and Collaboration
Improve your value as a team member by promoting opportunities to collaborate.
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Oral Communication and Knowledge Exchange
Improve your teaching skills by leading experiential activities to facilitate learning.
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Self Assessment, Reflection and Learning
Improve your mindset, skills and behaviours by developing a practice of self-reflection.
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Observation and Giving and Receiving Feedback
Improve your ability to give and receive feedback by working with individuals with diverse needs.
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Oversight, Coordination and Program Evaluation
Improve your organization and management skills by evaluating short- and long-term progress.
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Empowering and Challenging others
Improve your ability to effect change by supporting autonomy, relatedness and competence.
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Demonstration and Leading by Example
Improve your ability to perform and communicate visually by guiding the observations of others.
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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Improve your creativity by designing solutions that meet the unique needs of fire fighters.
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