F2T 110 – Fitness Fundamentals (Legacy PFT)

An introduction to the fundamental skills needed by fitness professionals in the fire service.

The utility of any exercise program will depend on the target population and how it is administered, promoted and/or performed. For this reason, the ability to think critically is paramount to the success of any fitness professional. Often, ‘it depends’ is the most appropriate response to describe the utility of a particular intervention. However, it is the ability to know why ‘it depends’ that distinguishes exceptional professionals who impact lives from those who design good workouts. This course will highlight several fundamental principles critical to the design and implementation of any exercise program.


F2T 110 is separate into 3 modules, each of which includes multiple topics and a series of online learning activities to reinforce the concepts taught. The modules and topics covered in the course are outlined below

Module 1 (Program Framework)

Will cover Demands and Capacity, Guiding Principles, Motivation and Adherence, and Shaping Behavior.  Students will improve their ability to apply the demands-capacity framework, and identify factors that influence our attitudes, choices and behaviours.

Module 2 (Movement Fundamentals)

Will cover Coaching and Feedback, Goal Setting, Learning to Move, and Accommodating Diversity.  Students will improve their ability to observe, assess and interpret the movement patterns of others, and establish specific and relevant goals in the short- and long-term.

Module 3 (Program Design Principles)

Will cover the F.I.T.T. Principle, the S.A.I.D. Principle, Defining Objectives, and Energy Systems.  Students will improve their ability design exercise sessions that suit a range of objectives and interests, and adapt exercise sessions based on observations made to suit performer needs/wants.

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