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A community of like-minded individuals across the United States and Canada collaborating to improve the health, fitness and overall well-being of fire fighters.

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My quality of life improves each day. I know that when the tones go off or when the time comes to retire, I will be physically and mentally fit for the rest of my life.

I’ve noticed a tremendous change to the departmental culture. The stress levels are down and the comradery has come up. The most important question of the day from the crew has gone from ‘What’s for lunch?’ to ‘What’s the workout?’.

Fire Fighter

Dallas Fire & EMS

Since becoming more physically active I have noticed a positive change in my mental health. The improvements to my mental health and also my increased capability on the fire ground show me the value of all the work I have put in.

I lost weight, gained energy, and saw an improvement in my family life. These changes fueled a fire me. I promised myself and my crew that I would not go back to being that man again, and I would pay it forward within our department.


Every day countless individuals who are committed to fire fighter well-being, strive towards achieving this mission in their respective communities and places of work. Many of these people are unaware that there are others just like them with the same drive and enthusiasm for fire fighter wellness, whom they could reach out to for support, guidance, inspiration, or mentorship.

The F2T program aims to serve as a platform that brings together this diverse group of individuals while affording them the opportunity to establish personal and professional relationships. In doing so, we also hope to grow the community and strengthen our collective efforts to improve the state of wellness and fitness in the fire service. This page will be dedicated to highlighting the work being done by members of the F2T community as both a way to acknowledge their efforts and to share resources.


F2T Community Members

Learn more about these dedicated F2T community members – their contributions to wellness and fitness, their personal physical activity and wellness practices, and their advice to departments and fire fighters.


Jorge Carvajal

Legacy Member

Jorge Carvajal is a Captain for Miami Dade Fire Rescue and served 17 years as a Peer Fitness Trainer. As an original member of the instructor cadre he has taught hundreds of fire fighters the foundations of wellness and fitness so they can improve their lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters.

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Dr. Kerry S. Kuehl

Legacy Member

Dr. Kerry S. Kuehl is the Medical and Wellness Director for Portland Fire & Rescue, and a sport and occupational medicine physician who has dedicated his career to improving the overall well-being of fire fighters through his clinical work, research, and advocacy.

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Dr. Steven M. Moffatt

Legacy Member

Dr. Steven M. Moffat is the Chief Medical Officer for wellness and other medical/occupational medicine services provided to the Indianapolis Fire Department and an internal medicine trained physician. He has dedicated his career to serving the health of the fire fighters under his care and the fire community at large.

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Kim Favorite

Legacy Member

Kim Favorite retired from the Seattle Fire Department in 2018 in the position of Occupational Health & Fitness Coordinator after 28 years of service as a civilian member of the department. Over her career she has been a tireless advocate for the advancement of wellness of fitness in the fire service.

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Daren Gardiner

Legacy Member

Daren Gardiner is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the Calgary Fire Department and currently holds the position of Leader, Health and Wellness. Since joining the department in 2004, he has worked diligently to set the standard of what a top-class wellness and fitness program can look like in the fire service.

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