Intermediate Level Training

Peer Fitness Trainer

Roles and Responsibilities of the Peer Fitness Trainer

The PFT designation is awarded to individuals who have received intermediate level of training. In comparison to WFAs, PFTs may serve in additional roles or be given additional responsibilities as listed below. A full list of the potential roles and responsibilities for certified members can be found HERE.

Author (Written Communication and Content Creation)
  • PFTs can produce written content on topics related to wellness and fitness for use on multiple platforms and in their department’s wellness-fitness program.
  • PFTs can produce or assist in the production and distribution of other wellness and fitness resources using different media.
Creator (Critical Appraisal and Designing Solutions)
  • PFTs can design workouts and exercise programs to suit a variety of interests, needs and objectives, and equipment and space constraints.
  • PFTs can assist with the planning and development of wellness- and fitness-related initiatives for their department’s program.
Teacher (Public Speaking and Teaching)
  • PFTs can communicate with stakeholders regarding their members’ and/or department’s interests on matters related to wellness and fitness.
  • PFTs can lead or assist with the delivery of exercise sessions, training activities and educational workshops on wellness- and fitness-related topics.
Mentor (Providing Feedback and Support)
  • PFTs can administer wellness- and fitness-related assessments and provide personalized feedback regarding their results.
  • PFTs are able to provide peer support, and serve as program champions who connect with and empower others.

How Many Members Should I Certify As a PFT?

Although the size, structure, and needs of every department will be different, a general recommendation is having 1 PFT per district, per shift.

Becoming Certified

Prospective PFTs are required to complete F2T 101: Fitness Principles & Practice (In-person or Virtual) and attain a score of greater than 70% on the online exam.

Upon achieving the threshold score on the exam, a member will be awarded the PFT certification immediately and gain access to F2T community resources associated with this level of certification. PFT certification will remain active for the remainder of the year a course is completed plus an additional two calendar years.

A breakdown of the costs associated with certifying a PFT can be seen in the table below.

Requirements Cost (USD)
F2T 101 Virtual $799
F2T 101 In-person $999
Total Cost $799 / $999


In order to renew for an additional 2-year period, a PFT certificate holder is required to complete the following over the course of their 2-year certification period: 8 CECs & 1 F2T Challenge. At least half of the CECs must come from F2T Education. For complete information on what is required to renew, we encourage you to visit our Certificate Renewal page.

A breakdown of the costs associated with the continuing education requirements and recertification fee for a PFT can be seen in the table below.

Requirements Cost (USD)
8 CECs $199*
1 F2T Challenge $0
Renewal Fee $99
Total Cost $298

*Price based on CECs from 4 F2T Workshops