Foundational Level Training

Wellness Fitness Ambassador

Roles and Responsibilities of the Wellness-Fitness Ambassador

The WFA designation is awarded to individuals who have received foundational level training. WFAs may serve in one or more of the following roles listed below. A full list of the potential roles and responsibilities for certified members can be found HERE.

Ambassador (Marketing and Program Advocacy)
  • WFAs can assist with a department’s efforts to promote wellness and fitness and inspire and motivate general members to engage and take action.
  • WFAs can advocate for the department’s wellness-fitness program and the value of wellness and fitness in formal or informal conversations with members.
Collaborator (Promotion of Teamwork, Inclusivity and Shared Interests)
  • WFAs can work alongside or under the direction of other stakeholders in the implementation of department-led wellness and fitness initiatives.
  • WFAs can help to promote inclusivity and opportunities to collaborate and involve multiple stakeholders in department-led wellness-fitness initiatives.
Guide (Leading by Example)
  • WFAs can lead by example through their actions and behaviours in support of wellness and fitness.
  • WFAs can help to guide the efforts of others and/or direct them to the appropriate personal/resources that may help to support their wellness- and fitness-related needs.
Student (Self-care and a Willingness to Learn)
  • WFAs are committed to self-care and improving their ability to improve and/or maintain their personal wellness and fitness.
  • WFAs are willing to engage in activities that involve self-reflection and an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

How Many Members Should I Certify As a WFA?

Although the size, structure, and needs of every department will be different, a general recommendation is having 1 WFA per district, per shift, per station.

Becoming Certified

Prospective WFAs are required to complete 1 F2T Workshop.

Upon completion of the workshop, a member will be awarded the WFA certification immediately and gain access to F2T community resources associated with this level of certification. WFA certification will remain active for the remainder of the year a workshop is completed plus an additional two calendar years.

A breakdown of the costs associated with certifying a WFA can be seen in the table below.

Requirements Cost (USD)
1 F2T Workshop $49
Total Cost $49


In order to renew for an additional 2-year period, a WFA certificate holder is required to complete the following over the course of their 2-year certification period: 0 CECs & 1 F2T Challenge. For complete information on what is required to renew, we encourage you to visit our Certificate Renewal page.

A breakdown of the costs associated with the continuing education requirements and recertification fee for a WFA can be seen in the table below.

Requirements Cost (USD)
0 CECs $0
1 F2T Challenge $49
Renewal Fee $99
Total Cost $148