F2T 101 – Fitness Principles and Practice (In-person)

Become certified as an F2T Peer Fitness Trainer and improve your leadership skills and your ability to assess, design and implement exercise sessions for fire fighters with varying interests.

The pursuit of wellness begins with the message. Building a wellness program that will improve the quality of fire fighters’ lives begins with genuine, passionate and influential leadership from all levels of a department (e.g. labor, management, Peer Fitness Trainers). The program must be comprehensive, evidence-based, and relevant to the unique demands of each participating fire fighter. It needs to be accessible, inclusive, designed to influence cultural change, and must place an emphasis on collaboration and communication between all parties.

Central to this integrated approach is a framework that can be easily adopted and understood by all stakeholders – every fire fighter needs the capacity to meet their demands, both on and off the job. This model provides an excellent foundation to establish recommendations for training, exercise, or rehabilitation by focusing on the application to each fire fighter’s life. Ultimately, the same principles that are used by return-to-work specialists and Peer Fitness Trainers can be adopted by training officers when discussing the safest and most effective ways to perform a given job duty. Streamlining the continuum of care and providing a consistent message will provide every fire fighter with the opportunity (and motivation) to improve their health, wellness, performance, and overall quality of life.

Why Become a Certified PFT?

Throughout the United States and Canada, the IAFF’s PFT Certificate is recognized by the NFPA and the WFI as a fire-service specific designation reserved for fire fighters who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills to design and implement exercise programs, and to improve the wellness and fitness of their peers. It differs from other personal training credentials because of the unique physical, psychological, and social aspects of firefighting. Training is also provided FOR FIRE FIGHTERS, BY FIRE FIGHTERS.

“I feel confident teaching this to my department and moving forward in a positive way. The instructors were awesome!”

“Best course I have ever taken! Exceeded my expectations. Lots of information, but the structure made it easy to understand.”

“Great course for both experienced and inexperienced trainers. Loved the discussions after the hands-on activities!”

“I have been athletic my whole life but this allows me to approach my training in a whole new way. I can also share this experience easily with others. Very informative, challenging and enjoyable!”

In-Person Course Breakdown

Designed using the latest research on fire fighter health and wellness, exercise science, and the prevention injuries, the 4-day F2T 101 curriculum is delivered by industry leaders using a combination of teaching styles (i.e. lecture, reflection, discussion, observation, demonstration), small and large group activities, and hands-on exercise sessions. It is designed specifically designed for firefighter-EMS providers who are employed by a fire department and involved in the administration of their wellness-fitness program.

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