F2T 201 – Self-Care and Movement Hygiene (Live on Zoom)

We must learn to ACCESS (and CONTROL) the ranges of motion we have AVAILABLE in a variety of relevant contexts

There are many factors that influence how fire fighters move, perhaps none more important than mobility. For this reason, mobility should be one of the first pieces of information gathered to both assess a fire fighter’s needs and to build a daily movement practice. But efforts to improve mobility must involve activities that challenge us to both access (via coordination and awareness) and control (via endurance, strength and speed) specific joint positions. The ranges of motion we have available could have limited influence on our performance and/or injury risk without the ability to access and control them.

This workshop will provide a series of practical tips to both assess and address fire fighters’ mobility needs in less than 10 minutes a day.  Sample mobility activities will be performed as a group.

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