F2T 203 – Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation (Live on Zoom)

Implementation is a continuously evolving process that will need to be adapted and refined to suit the needs of everyone involved. Our GOALS and OBJECTIVES should drive the STRATEGIES and TACTICS used in pursuit of specific OUTCOMES.

Understanding the obstacles (things that impede) and facilitators (things that help) to implementing a wellness-fitness program is a critical step to ensure long term success. Commonly categorized as factors related to the involvement of LEADERSHIP, existence of SYSTEMS, engagement from MEMBERS, and organizational CULTURE, strategies and tactics should be chosen to suit the department’s current needs.  There is no one size fits all solution, making a concerted effort to identify factors that will influence success in the short- and long-term will improve the likelihood of success.

This workshop will share a series of practical survey tools and questionnaires that will help to gather relevant information so that specific actions can be taken to address the unique needs of any department.  A series of case studies will be used to reinforce concepts discussed and highlight the diversity in possible implementation strategies.

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