F2T 204 – Considerations for Fire Fighter Fitness Testing (Live on Zoom)

Before selecting, designing and implementing a fitness assessment, several factors should be considered to ensure the overall aims are being met within the organization’s broader wellness-fitness program

Being physically fit is critical to fire fighter health and safety given links to job performance, injury risk, chronic disease, mental health, etc. But the need to be physically capable is not the only thing that should be considered when deciding on the use of an annual fitness assessment. WHY will a fitness test help to achieve the department’s wellness-fitness goals, and what are the aims of the test? WHAT data should be collected to achieve the department’s wellness-fitness goals, and what activities should be included in the test? HOW should the fitness test be administered, and how should data be used to achieve the department’s wellness-fitness goals?

This workshop will explore the potential benefits to and implications of fire fighter fitness testing and share and number of questions to assist with planning and implementation.

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