F2T 207 – Becoming an Influential Leader (Live on Zoom)

“The hallmark of true leadership is leading a life to admire, not a life to envy” – Unknown

Leadership may be best viewed as an approach to life that maximizes your influence on those around you. It is not necessarily associated with a specific title or position and thus we all have an opportunity to become influential leaders. Our influence can also change as relationships evolve and we take on new roles and responsibilities.  For example, being a ‘Model’, or someone who is viewed as positive, trustworthy and worth imitating, comes with a different type of influence than a ‘Mentor’, or someone who personally helps others each their potential.  Having an appreciation for the key attributes of individuals in various positions and/or stages of influence can help anyone become a more influential leader.

This workshop will discuss practical strategies to improve the ability to communicate, collaborate and self reflect at various stages of our career/life.  Everyone, regardless of position or title, has the potential to influence the lives of others, but the extent of this influence may depend on our willingness to learn.

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