F2T 211 – Principles of Periodization (Live on Zoom)

A fire fighter’s DEMANDS should be used to establish a direction for training, but it’s their CAPACITY that should dictate where they start

While there are many ways to design exercise programs to improve health, fitness and performance, short-term variability may be critical to long-term success. Whether adapting the load, speed, time, or RPE, or constraining the movement patterns used, variation can promote learning.  There are also additional design considerations that should be made to best accommodate the objectives of the program and the needs of the performer (which will be related to their DEMANDS and CAPACITY).  For example, exercise programs designed improve physical activity habits, physical health, physical literacy and physical capacity will each have unique constraints and thus will not be suitable for all objectives and all people.

This workshop will introduce a framework to build exercise programs that address a range of long-term objectives to accommodate the diverse interests, needs and abilities of fire fighters.

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