F2T 219 – More Fire Fighters. More Active. More Often (Live on Zoom)

Before identifying WHAT to do for exercise or HOW to engage fire fighters with exercise, we must establish WHY fire fighters are currently (in)active

Regular exercise can improve our physical, psychological and social well-being and is recommended as one of the first options to treat and prevent the chronic conditions that are afflicting too many fire fighters. But education and incentives are not the answer for everyone. Emerging evidence highlights the need for behavioral solutions and an appreciation for fire fighters’ capabilities, opportunities and motivation to improve their physical activity habits. For example, fire fighters with high levels of motivation may struggle to be active in the presence of poor social support and limited access to equipment. Conversely, fire fighters with limited exercise knowledge and poor motivation may exercise regularly because they follow a specific routine. Understanding why somebody is (not) active is as important as knowing what they like to do, and will ultimately provide insight on how to best influence their behavior.

This workshop will discuss how to influence fire fighters’ physical activity habits and share 4 tips to promote positive change. A series of case studies will be used to reinforce key concepts.

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