F2T 223 – The 5 Pillars of Wellness (Live on Zoom)

Our physical, psychological and social well-being are shaped by the actions we take and the behaviors adopt. We should all strive to BREATHE better, EAT better, MOVE better, SLEEP better, and CONNECT better.

Although we commonly describe fire fighter wellness with a series OUTCOMES, or health- and fitness- related metrics that provide insight into the state of a fire fighter’s well-being, it is the underlying BEHAVIORS that will shape a fire fighter’s actions and their overall well-being in the short- and long-term.

We should all strive to BREATHE better (be more mindful), EAT better (eat real food), MOVE better (be more active), SLEEP better (create a sleep routine), and CONNECT better (build meaningful relationships) in the pursuit of wellness. And while having an appreciation for the influence of these 5 pillars on wellness is important, even more critical is knowing HOW to influence change via relevant strategies and tactics. This workshop will explore the influence of each pillar on fire fighters’ physical, psychological and social well-being and offer a series of practical tips to promote self-care and a daily wellness practice.

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