F2T 224 – Training to Move When it Matters Most (Live on Zoom)

Learning to adapt the way we move in response to personal, task and environmental constraints will afford the opportunity to perform the activities that matter most

Because the fire ground can be an unpredictable, physically demanding and highly chaotic environment, fire fighters must be adaptable and resilient. In fact, rarely are we given an opportunity to perform any task in the exact same way multiple times and therefore fire fighters need the capacity to perform in a range of conditions.  Deliberately performing exercises in a variety of contexts, or embracing a practice of ‘repetition without repetition’ can be used to help anyone prepare for the demands of work, life and play.

This workshop will highlight the relevance of movement variability, discuss the application to fire fighting, and share a series of practical exercise-based strategies that can improve the way that fire fighters move move when in matters most. Come prepared to be active!

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