F2T 216 – Making Best Use of the WFI Fitness Assessment (Live on Zoom)

The reasons WHY an assessment is used should influence HOW it is administered and WHAT information is collected, and therefore the interpretation of any results

Fitness assessments can provide valuable insight regarding a fire fighter’s physical abilities, incentivize participation in a wellness-fitness program, and serve as a guide to make personalized exercise recommendations. But this value will be influenced in part by the administration of the testing battery and the interpretation of the performers’ results. In other words, when it comes to assessments, it will be critical to choose the right ‘tool’ for the job.

This workshop will highlight considerations to get the most value from the Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) Fitness Assessment, a comprehensive fitness battery created for WFI by the IAFF and IAFC.  Although the WFI Fitness Assessment involves a series of standardized instructions and grading criteria, there are several ways to adapt the administration of the test to best suit the intended objectives. This workshop will use a series of case studies to highlight several opportunities to make the most of the WFI Fitness Assessment.

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