F2T 220 – The WFI Fitness Assessment (Self-Paced)

The value of any fitness assessment will depend largely on how it is administered and how the data is interpreted.

The WFI Fitness Assessment can serve as an excellent tool to monitor progress, make comparisons and/or provide personalized exercise recommendations; however, the extent to which it can provide value will depend on its administration and interpretation. In other words, the instructions provided and the summarizing of the results.  This workshop will overview each of the tests included in the assessment and provide guidelines to assist with the interpretation of any findings such that comparisons and exercise recommendations can be made.

During this online workshop you will be introduced to each component of the WFI Fitness Assessment and provided with an opportunity to review the instructions for each test.  You will also be introduced to the grading criteria for each of the tests and provided with resources to assist with the interpretation of a fire fighter’s assessment results. An electronic form will also be shared to assist with recording, summarizing and interpreting WFI Fitness Assessment data.

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